inner-nutshells  (  sllehs-renni  )

in a nutshell - squirrels gather

grey's the daze but may is hazel

winter's brittle, numbers crunching

frothing gobs & speak in seasons

salad blathers streams & rivers

breezes sneezing, branches quiver

stars & sparkles - reams of paper

missing marbles, maids-a-milking

hills & dingles, kitchens sinking

bluster fingers, grip is slipping

march is marching, spring is onions

august calling, autumn falling

all is almonds, monkeys munching

green's a valley, finches singing

in a nutshell - inner-nutshells

t'other earths

& other nutters

( soz )


( author notes )

true truths -  not thirteen's weasel shit

wear black tracky-beez

let them white togs hang

like a babylonian rockery

breathe in scapes & shapes of sleep

& cleanse this double-murder village

this is not a shopping list

( so )

never eat shredded wheat



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