& janus yawns


& janus yawns  (  snway sunaj &  )

& janus yawns - begin again

with spinning plates & figure eights

a sort of door, a nu-refrain

a blooming moon, a winter rose

a glimmer of a tinsel tree

a morning frost, a cockerel crows

an even morn, the sky is red

a mumbling of tumbleweed

& man aliver - december's dead

a stopping clock, a ticking list

the underlings of over there

the phantom hands of river mist

a sliding scale, a slither's snail

a scatter graph, a swivel chair

a dog in fog, a twisting tale

the ups & downs of roundabouts

a parsnip in a silver birch

& hark, a parp of brussel sprouts

the air is pins, a drop of snow

within the still - a village snores

& there beneath the mistletoe

the brambles scratch, the gloaming dawns

a groan of bones & so we sing

the song of swans - & janus yawns



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