of loosened screws


of loosened screws  (  swercs denesool fo  )

spin the mist of winter's snooze

bobbing with the robin red

seek the green of mutant blues

underling the ups of trees

float with stoats in chemist coats

warble forth upon the leas

slide the ice of avenues

almanac in anoraks

scaling dales & tasting views

hark, the ninja turtle doves

suck the dusk of butterscotch

tartan scarf & hands in gloves

fingers slip & breezes bruise

bubble in the rubble's broth

frozen peas & snookered cues

catch a drift & so the snow

drops a crystal christening

badger on & swan we glow

song's the sing of loosened screws

salad of the sputterings

ants in pants & shrews in shoes

spin's the span of saturn's rings

dance the dive of man alive

( gone until the blossom springs )



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