roaming in the gloaming


roaming in the gloaming  (  gnimaolg eht ni gnimaor  )

rabbits on the pastures

hopping as a bean

bursting is the blackbird's

stuff of in between

muffles in the shuffles

flutter butterfly

moths emerge & circle

shepherds scan the sky

red above & smiling

silver, gold & chrome

clouded shrouds of mackerel

cows are coming home

nightingales in copses

hymn the dales & lark

hark, the trot of foxes

rabid badgers bark

whispers in the grasses

chatters in the ear

green becomes the blackness

people disappear

burglars are stirring

phantoms on the prowl

wander in this whirring

til the owlets howl

gleaming is the evening

see the rivers run

roaming in the gloaming

sinking with the sun

spinning on a sixpence

after afternoon

squinting eyes & skyward

rising with the moon



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