pentecost pencils


pentecost pencils  (  slicnep  tsocetnep  )

pentecost pencils

ash in the scatters

badger m'nadgers

broth of the lentils

soup of the dazes

mush of the shroomer

suns of the lunar

loops in y'laces

spins on a sixpence

clover & myrtle

stoned in a circle

spring in the distance

air in a pocket

pop is a weasel

hills are a steeple

hares in a locket

bats in the babble

scraps in the rubble

ink in a bubble

waxing the saddle

land underwater

autumn is pissing

woodland is drifting

warmer & whisping

michaelmas mizzle

hymns in the headland

weather the wetland

pepper the pickles

shits in a harbour

voles in a bucket

lemon the suck it

fuck it - & scarper



author notes

beyond last night's deep sleep

( the first in a while )


bed truth not weasel sheet

breathe & out

smoke green oak ghost

sulis & phosphorus

echoes in hedgerows

antennae & i



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