awake & sail


awake & sail  (  lias & ekawa  )

awake & sail a phantom mist

the shapes of wraith - a tale, a twist

the night is day, the day is night

& shatters punch the mirror's fist

a groan of bones, a bluff of blood

& earth's a ghost, a rush of mud

a bat of flaps, the black of white

the curtain fell - a crash, a thud

the lemons suck, the daze is grey

the spiders spin, the pipers play

a swan of songs, a swimming kite

a peaking trough, a sliding brae

the lizard scales the boxing frog

a barking cat, a purring dog

the moth that fled the candlelight

is scrawling balls in analogue

a silent lark, a wood of stumps

a blooming moon, a goose of bumps

the ruse of breath's a feathered flight

& skin's the stuff of custard lumps

a feast of peas & buttered bread

& sleep upon a creaking bed

the breathing dead, a speckled sprite

until the light - & live, instead



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