adders of the phantom flaps


adders of the phantom flaps  (  spalf motnahp eht fo sredda  )

august is a snail

summer is a scorpion

stings within the tail

rabbits shit & run

static crackles on the sneeze

seek the sunken sun

blow a hornet swarm

waterfalls & dales of hale

rumble thunderstorm

squawk as breezes crow

whispers on a scree of green

weep as petals snow

squalls & orchards shake

bracken burrs & owlets stir

howl as wraiths awake

cups & puddles spill

splatterings of chatterings

chaffinch til the still

shapes of snake & twist

adders of the phantom flaps

slither river mist

ink until the blue

spot the scry of butterflies

moth the month - & shoo



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