behind the blinds


behind the blinds  (  sdnilb eht dniheb  )

behind the blinds, the blinds of blue

a shade the shade of shadeless shite

a scribble scrawls a line or two

a portal calls, a door of snorts

the hinges creak & snort in squeaks

a burst of birds, the splurge of thoughts

the chattering is back again

a caber toss of jollop's jape

a smattering of acid rain

beneath the sun, a couplet druns

the trah-luh-lars of handlebars

the fiddle dum of thumbs & crumbs

within a mist - a slip of tea

a storm the scent of peppermint

the stumble stuff of bumble me

as dawn's a yawn & all is pants

the parallax of paper plain

a pantomime, a dive, a dance

a pen, a pad, a wonky desk

a donkey on a thistled lea

the lottery of poemesque

so spiral then, the bends & winds

a broken biscuit symphony

the sound of down - behind the blinds



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