nicknack bric-à-brac


nicknack bric-à-brac (  carb-à-cirb kcankcin  )

pen then, pencil case

stencil steeplechase

easels, eagles

sneeze a breeze & chase

sun spun lottery

otter orrery

scatters, splatters

tosser glossary

am-dram malaprop

piffle whistle stop

chuckles, knuckles

dances in the slop

slapstick cinnabar

phantom handlebar

sparkles, gargles

jamming in a jar

nicknack bric-à-brac

splatter natterjack

bitterns, ribbons

gibbons on y' back

so, so bubble blow

stub a little toe

ballads, salads

babble as y' glow



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