the lens of fog


the lens of fog  (  gof fo snel eht  )

the lens of fog is misted here

a frog of fudge, a smudge, a smear

the speak of sleep & catch awake

the branches dance as antlers shake

a cloak of oak, a hood of wood

it's analogue & stump's the stood

a snarl of gnarls, a sneeze of trees

& earthen squirms beneath the breeze

upon this swan, a song of fade

a signet ring within the glade

the blinkers bat an attic's stead

a hinterland of licks of lead

with legs of bread - a nip of cat

a dripping tap, a coup d'etat

a slap of chin & churn of shrew

the game of tame & gurgle through

a glossary of tosser i

a ship within a bottlefly

the kipper years, a leaping weir

the goggle stuff of ginger beer

the tocks of ticks & bricks of wall

the flight of eyes & rise of fall

upon a hill, the staggers stand

the hare is there, a marching band

that blasts until the see is stars

a repertoire of reservoirs

so pen until the doze of dog

within the mist - the lens of fog



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