peck with the pigeons


peck with the pigeons  (  snoegip eht htiw kcep  )

badger a badger

& fish with the fly

swim with the mackerel

& scatter the sky

snort with the horses

& box with a frog

spar with a llama

& lark with the dog

trot with the foxes

& caw with the rooks

worm in the earthen

& squirm in the books

blizzard a lizard

& riddle the newts

blend with the penguins

& waddle in suits

leap with a leopard

& race with a snail

swarmings of hornets

a sting in the tail

war with the walrus

& nap with the cats

rat in y'rafters

& flap with the bats

waffle with otters

a twist of the tongue

heave with the beetles

the shit & the dung

fuddle a pheasant

& polish a shrew

peck with the pigeons

& sing with a coo



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