i’m the tortoise


i’m the tortoise  (  esiotrot eht m’i  )

i'm the tortoise, son of thunder

thane of merchants, trade & plunder

tablets green & votive candles

weasel schemes & flaps in sandals

shielding sheep & strumming lyres

king of swindles, gifting fires

khan of parcels, christmas sweaters

post-it notes & scribbled letters

sweating feathers of an evening

rising when the sun is beaming

in the twinkle's brightness winking

shite a flipping brick if sinking

shades of red & days of static

queues of putrid, stagnant traffic

i'm the tortoise, son of thunder

if inverted - buckle under



2 thoughts on “i’m the tortoise

    • respect, devz. i hope you’re well & thanks four reading me sheet. nice 1
      no books on the horizon for now. i released one towards the end of last year. it’s called list forever … maybe i’ll put an ad on wordpress in a bit. everyone else whores themselves nowadays – so why not?
      anyways – keep it sweet by the sea


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