dots ‘n’ spots


dots ‘n’ spots  (  stops ‘n’ stod  )

dots 'n' spots - a blotch of rain

a piddle on a cobbled lane

specks 'n' flecks - a dash of green

a swish of mist, a phantom's seen

ants 'n' pants - a gasp of air

a pair of socks, a boxing hare

moor 'n' tor - a bog of peat

the trudge of mud & sodden feet

dribs 'n' ribs - a sack o' bones

a squinting glimpse of standing stones

burrs 'n' birds - a robin red

a poem pokes within the head

crumbs 'n' thumbs - the stuff of screws

a mumbling of bumbled blues

spots 'n' dots & off the maps

the bits that breathe

between the gaps



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