things to do in june


things to do in june  (  enuj ni od ot sgniht  )

horsing forth in snorts & wheezes

flap with hatchlings, catch the breezes

sing the song of pollen sneezes

of an afternoon

box a frog & swirl in circles

gargle on, the garden gurgles

lavender in bursts of purples

burst y' blue balloon

sleep upon a bed of petals

dodge the nip of stinging nettles

pause for tea & sing with kettles

eat a macaroon

sea the green of grass & hoses

whip the wind of blowing noses

sniff the thorns of warring roses

hum a summer chooon

hymn as nymphs are strumming lyres

spot the leopards, stripe the tigers

snap with dragons, spin with spiders

swift the swish of swoon

splosh the piss of pitter patters

river this & scratch y' nadgers

wash y' hands & dance with badgers

underneath the moon

fist the misting of a morning

chase a snail as day is yawning

prance with ants as thunder's storming

pant in pantaloons

milk the thistles in the thickets

burble birds & chirp with crickets

irk the scourge of sticky wickets

things to do in june



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