june is a balloon


june is a balloon  ( noollab a si enuj )

once upon a calendar

as the moth of may

scarpers on sabbatical

larks & fades away

annually, a sort of door

creaks as finches fledge

hymns emerge from bursting beaks

singing in the hedge

canticles & clattertrap

with the woodland elves

gnomes are mowing astroturf

poems write themselves

photographs are tapestries

rabbits catch the clap

underneath a cloak of oak

shepherds wank & nap

roses glow beside the lane

snakes awake & doze

flutterings of butterfly

pollen up y' nose

gleaming is a silver stream

as the rivers run

breezes frisk the greening trees

underneath the sun

allium & lavender

blooming like the moon

summer is a gravy train

june is a balloon

roving as a floating ghost

in the spindle sky

soaring with the twinkle balls

up until july



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