upon a song in may


upon a song in may ( yam ni gnos a nopu )

a maiden swishes ribbons

an ancient gibbon spell

a band of brass is standing

as morris dancers knell

& foxes in their gloves trot

as breezes frisk the air

& leeches lurk in churches

a hymn is in the air

the dawn is but a chorus

as sure as rome's a road

& hordes of warblers warble

a sort of warbled code

& butterflies are faeries

with fairly faerie wings

the blossoming is snowing

& so it plucks those strings

a rumble on the compass

a skip upon the tongue

a weasel in a haystack

a beetle pushing dung

a nymph is tinging cymbals

the bees of bumble hum

& deep within the woodland

a badger bangs a drum

as serpents stir in pastures

the grass is making hay

a sea of green is gleaming

upon a song in may

the buttercups are spreading

& blooming like the moon

the speckled sky is spinning

into the blue of june



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