ampersands & i


ampersands & i ( i & sdnasrepma )


peppers, lepers - pick a pickled pea

peepers, creepers sneaking up a tree

slither, glimmer silver birch & spruce

stumbles, mumbles - hum a bumblebee

pluses, rushes, ruffle apple cart

raffles, ripples, river run & dart

martians, spartans, tartan rug abuse

cauldrons, solvents - stick y'self apart

branches, dances - stub a little toe

tenors, tremors - ruffle gust & glow

letters, lettuce - tennis serve & deuce

backdoors, jackdaws - crow y' boat & row

scribble piffle, pickled onion sky

sandwich, language - catch a cabbage fly

badgers, bladders, bramble jam & juice

gooses, ganders, ampersands & i





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