the truth about amber


the truth about amber  (  rebma tuoba hturt eht  )

softer than smoke

shades of a shadow

phantoms & mirrors

swims in the rivers

snores in her sleep

barks at the hoover

partial to carrots

apples or biscuits

tail in a spin

roving in clover

sinks in the village

yarns on a snark hunt

fodder for weasels

witches & bitches

smothered in bullshit

but wouldn't say boo

to a goose


( author nodes )

this isn't that good a poem

but hopefully it's a truth spell of sorts

i wrote this for my four-legged friend


apparently some young, male black labrador

who's one half of a pair of dogs

has been having a pop at some other dogs in the area

or some shite like that

& too many lying twats say it's our ambz

even though she's a senior bitch

& a collie-lab cross

& not part of a pair

plus she's the softest thing under the sun

ie not her then

but too many nasty, little wankers still not only persist

but pass that shit on

which pisses me off

so i wrote this for my mate

good bless 'er

& god bless truth too


you might have seen my village recently on the internet

some yokels were singing a very gay song indeed

easily the most homoerotic thing online





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