scribble on


scribble on  (  no elbbircs  )

piss pot pantomime

hi-fi avenue

two blue sugar cubes

shotgun avalon

whiplash wizardry

seesaw sauropods

croak cloaked crocuses

slapdash babylon

treetop treacle tin

sing spring onion rings

air plucked puzzlement

hare hop whereupon

ten red telegrams

gangrene apple snaps

high sky iodine

magpie magnetron

grey fade feather bed

headfuck heather haze

sky dive irises

high five epsilon

screw shrew seminars

skip lipped lizardess

rise sky mother mars

potluck positron

parsnip parallax

am-dram anoraks

juju engineers

ant pant antiphon

splash back balladeer

earwig fiddlesticks

forks talk hissing links

ink sinks - scribble on



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