bat y’ earlids


bat y’ earlids  (  sdilrae ‘y tab  )

touch a bud with butter fingers

flutter as a butterfly

up above a buzzard's soaring

sights are sporing in the eye

serpents stirring in the thicket

see the weasels weave a web

as the misted river ripples

roving with the flow & ebb

lick the leaves of green & gleaming

taste the rain as spiders drown

settle on a bed of petals

softer than an eiderdown

suck the sun of lemon posset

breathe the breeze of dangled knee

jangle as the ponds are croaking

thunder rumbles mugs of tea

storming swarms are humming summer

be the bumblebee & sup

hills are rolling over clover

bat y' earlids - listen up

birds are churning in the woodland

lambs are sprang as cygnets ring

circles blearing in the clearing

tongue y' twist & song a sing


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