a flight for thaw eyes


a flight for thaw eyes  (  fuck the pun-police  )

catnap cataracts

ant pant dagger dance

black swan apple bob

pip, pip, pip

catkin scattergraphs

peg-leg clattering

egg shell crackle snap

whip, whip, whip

seesaw either or

bell knell hellebore

row, row summer rose

hip, hip, hip

sleep deep river man

kaftan caravan

crab clawed stickleback

nip, nip, nip

sandwich sassenach

fly, white cabbages

pine nut nothingness

slip, slip, slip

sauce war sorcery

seashore shepherdess

oh no - broken toe

dip, dip, dip

fee fi overflow

bean beam laser rays

boats & taking no

ship, ship, ship

hi-fi winter wood

windmill wizardry

wheel deal dingle ring

drip, drip, drip



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