squinter wonderland


squinter wonderland  (  semyhr ym ssik  )

ripple river mistletoe

as the badgers babylon

yonder is a summer swan

singing in the sinking sand

dancing are the branches bear

there within the squinter wood

gloves upon the fingertips

flutters of the butter hand

frost upon a buttercup

chocolate in a steaming mug

sleep is on the eiderdown

brown is england's pheasant gland

tig is murder in the dark

turkeys lurk on haunted moors

hark, the herald herons lark

marching with a rubber band

tinsel dims a mantelpiece

peas is in the mushy air

clouding as a mountain hare

licks the lips of hinterland

crunching is the munching trudge

sunken is the silver sun

synthesis & witnesses

shitless in the witless stand

mulling is the cider wine

dragons nap as ivy climbs

yetis ski as ribbons wrap

knotted as an ampersand

speckles on the bonnet white

poets ponce & sonnets shite

snow & snow - & snow we glow

in a squinter wonderland



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