pc poem


pc poem  (  swan for the road & the big eared brigadiers  )

pelican cafe

pepper castaway

pantyhose croquet

platinum canoe

paperweight centaur

penicillin claw

parasol coleslaw

platypus cashew

pineapple comfit

pigeon chicory

paradigm's chickpea

plasticine construe

plastic cavaliers

paper chase cashiers

plato commandeers

popper's cockatoo

pavement crack willow

pickles cicero

pavlova crossbow

porcelain corkscrew

paddle cadillac

poppycock cognac

pangea comeback

peppermint cachoe

plankton caviar

princely cinnabar

pyramid cigar

pasta caribou

pandas calcify

plover codify

pillocks cabbage fly

poetry's cuckoo



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