toodle’s oooooooh


toodle’s oooooooh  (  based on a true story  )

shotgun michaelmas

sweet pea pepper pen

bish-bosh pocket watch

poss tot - see yuh then

hopscotch horoscope

mud-flap meeting hall

nose job oracle

oak-cloaked evening all

ballsack clarinet

cack fish gibbon shit

cracked black baritones

bat's that - skin 'n' split

earwig wizardry

pig's ear river row

how now, sunken sow?

spin-chin cheerio

coleslaw walruses

swing wing gibbon gong

frogspawn sandwiches

fat swan, sing a song

sphere cheer chariots

cancan kangaroo

tincan mattarhorn

newt's toot - toodleoooooooh



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