confusion is …


confusion is … ( & it glows a little something like this )

the clam before the storm

a walrus in a walnut tree

the polka dotted sun

a plastic mackerel sky

the owl that hoots at noon

the ship that rigged the lottery

a hop within a skip

a dish within a pie

the raisin in the rhyme

the mumbles of a bumblebee

a shuffle in a shoe

as tigers stripe the sky

the rat that drowns the rain

a puddle in the fuddle's sea

the mountaineering mole

a dragon - as a fly

the mizzle mist of list

the cardinals of syncope

the marzipan on mars

or stones of gemini

the toad that leads to rome

the living ghost of poetry

a scribble in a blink

the life & times of i



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