another autumn leaf song


another autumn leaf song  (  a b a b c b c b d b d b e b e b  )

we whistle so in sodden air

as minstrels mince with harps on sleeves

the apple's flown & swan's the pear

the hay is stacked, the barn is sheaves

we hum a beat - drum under grey

it's dust & dung's the beetle's heaves

as even creeps & steals the day

as witches stitch the weasel's weaves

& on as goslings skein the sky

as garrick fly & lichen breathes

a dog, a goat, a ghost & i

- the wonky slates of woodland's eaves

we see them green then see them glow

before the snow falls thick as thieves

a wave, a trudge & crunch bellow

a swan, a song of autumn leaves


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