in no particular order


in no particular order  ( you’ve left the iron on – hurry while there’s still time … )

apple crumbles, acid splashes

mumps 'n' mumbles, rabid rabbits

bugs in blankets, eyes in glasses

cats in caskets, sprys & pies

wicker knickers, wiccan weddinmgs

twisted vicars, reddened herrings

flemish phlegm & lemon lemmings

fishermen in kipper ties

stinging nettles, kettle drummers

letter peckers, number punchers

pencils, penguins, prussian junkers

pandas, punks & pigs in stys

baronesses, roman noses

badger beggars, adder doges

peers & earwigs - tits with noses

wanker bankers - dragonflies

weasel weavers, scheming witches

rotten addles, curtain twitches

fucker-muckers, rats & bitches

tosser fodder - you & i

toppled skittles, river ripples

circle burbles, plinking pickles

thunder, tumbles, tongues & tickles

rumbles under onion skies



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