wonky songs


wonky songs  (  s q u a l l  t o g e t h e r  n o w  )

misty hymns

whisk y'ditty

hop the city

fox a flea

loopy tunes

plum y'plumy

hum the fruity

spoon the scree

chompy chants

shat y'shanty

feed the scanty

sea's the key

strainy lays

slap y'kneesy

weave the breezy

a to g

floaty odes

crow y'crumbly

beats & bumbly

fuzz a bee

squawky lauds

walk y'chalky

cheese the talky

plod a pea

fairy airs

write y'dairy

psalms are hairy

slime a tree

wonky songs

donkey derbys

hark, the harpie's

trar luh lee



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