( 1 – 6 )


( 1 – 6 )  (  p e a c e  &  t r u t h  v e r s u s  c u r t a i n  t w i t c h i n g  w e a s e l s  )

ping pong avalon

pickled pepper babylon

cracked black swan & one

cancan kangaroo

dancing mutant panda-shrew

shoe-spew, you & two

drum-hum garden pea

clip the clogs of marble me

bees, trees, knees & three

tin can labrador

salmon sing of saddle sore

backs, boars, doors & four

fly swats wasp the hive

swans i snort a fish alive

porpoise, tortoise - five

lizard limericks

lick the ticks of shipping bricks

spin a bit & six



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