( … squiffy elbows … )


( … squiffy elbows … )  (  a  p o e m z  )

bunion pickled semaphore

portal snorting tidal boar

serpent laddered stalactite

thunder flagging underscore

sizzle scissored sceptred tor

lemon scented leopard paw

dagger dancing candlelight

jigger jackal apple core

summer sputtered hellebore

magnet mangled fungi spore

plastic parrot parasiste

peasant pageant hamster roar

scrambled omelette overture

mustard gasping guarantor

jagged jawline jacobite

trojan horsefly saddle sore

pissing spelling sycamore

dripping ivy eyen ore

mitten knitted stalagmites

heckle silent forest floor

shimmer riddle discant shore

river ducking eider or

custard camel candlelight

clutter clutcher clucker straw

monkey island dinosaur

hermit burning herbivore

babble blighted acolyte

chocolate teapot labrodor

onion dicing drooping door

eagle swooping icy war

accidental satellite

every twat's a troubadour



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