sense non song


sense non song  (  f o r  t r a  &  l a  )

row, flow feather cap

bat shat weather map

catnap cul-de-sac

faux furlong

bee beat, hum-a-drum

cheese breeze, river gun

hi, dry island tongue

tie-dyed tong

hen peck pencil case

boing boy rental space

tin can menthol case


tra-la alcázar

cashback baggage car

flapjack bathazaar

baa mahjong

horse, snort, sauce 'n' soy

hopscotch hoi polloi

timbuktu to troy

ring - ding dong

ream, reed riverbed

ink plinks lickin' lead

built like gingerbread

headfuck strong

sing winged ammonites

fly tipped phagocytes

jackdaw acolytes

all knights gong

run cupped butterbean

nut-smeg clutter-beam

codspeed submarine

sense non song


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