then september sonnets


then september sonnets  (  a  p o e m  )

balls upon the spawning

barristers are courting

phantom horses snorting

canter, clip & clop

pheasants peck the welkin

witches grin as spells sing

chapels flap as bells ring

badgers black a bop

crabs are storming forward

apples haunt the orchard

pears & hares are cornered

as the forests flop

& the woodland wobbles

as the weasels waffle

ships at sea in bottles

seasons scheme & swap

sod it, quips the noggin

yonder bobs a robin

snails upon a coffin

face the grey & hop

chickens pecking linguists

rumplestiltskin tin-ribs

helicopter english

chipper chip & chop

then september sonnets

from a mizzled forest

( sort of wood or coppice )

drizzle drip & drop

crows above in circles

sheep are fleeced in thermals

as the summer curdles

so the weasels pop

( fin )



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