big farmer runs the world


big farmer runs the world  (  a  t r u e  t a l e  )

he creamed it through the atlas

he cheetahed sphere & far

a grin upon his noggin

a whoosh of ooh & arr

he hawked the haunts of northern

& hared the lairs of south

without a stitch of stalling

a straw straw in his mouth

he swished a swish in cities

as traffic crept a crawl

a giant stench of silage

at least sixteen feet tall

he stumbled not in jungles

as serpents stir & hiss

& broke no sweat in deserts

'twas all a piece of piss

he chased the sprite horizons

from eastern light to west

a flash of cap & scamper

a tweed suit, boots & vest

he legged it over hillocks

he raced the rivers' swish

( but swan the bits with oceans

amongst the wrecks & fish )

from john 0'goats to belgium

from tim buck - too - to crewe

'fore home to wed his cousin

she's only two foot two

for miles giles pegged the planet

as earthish firma twirled

& swirled as stars were singing

- big farmer runs the world -



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