cobs & pebbles


cobs & pebbles  (  a  p o e t r y  )

humming thunder, jotting apples

bobbins of the bobbing annals

crossing cees & swapping channels

what the knots & spot the dots

bumble jungles, bees & beavers

otters, rockers, nods on sleepers

dream is streaming - trees & creepers

river ripple, swan a stroll

peasant peckers, chicken smidgeons

pheasants sing of sitting widgeons

pissing finches, shitting pigeons

boxing frogs & spitting pox

daggers jangle, dancing bubbles

badgers, battles, ships & scuttles

pandas pant as paddle puddles

shat a shaft & jig for coal

swapping islands, eyeing pockets

hopping rivers, crossing sockets

swooping soup & frying rockets

tumble tongue & drying docks

pepper pickers, pens & papers

rivers, scissors, escaslators

tinkers, tailors, tesselators

spew a shrew & tame the vole

snoring autumns, tearing summers

squinter sings & blaring thunders

springing onions, hitting drummers

rhythm styx & stuck in socks

kites are flying, copper kettles

kipper ties & blossom petals

ink is squinting - cobs & pebbles

swan a level - rock 'n' roll



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