half an onion


half an onion  (  f o r  c o r d u r o y  ,  l i c h e n  &  t u r p e n t i n e  )

half an onion, pickled ginger

prussian winter's - roses float

hills of dribble, circles gurning

marbles hissing, stones of stoat

pencil shavings, shapes of april

ham & spanners, hammers smote

nails on coffins, singing goblins

skaters eight a frozen moat

phantom castles, cats & cackles

paddles on a post-it note

puddles, bubbles, rust & rubble

rockin' on as robins quote

flemish welders - nelson's column

sun & sulphur - row a boat

maids-a-milking, waters waving

in the pocket - of your coat

( ? )


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