sing a song upon a hill


sing a song upon a hill  (  a  p o e m z  )

horus soars as hoverfly

flutter above butterfly

buttercups & eagles eye

sky above the granite mill

sibyls spin as insects crown

ants as king in little town

glistens in a tinsel gown

pissing down on jack & jill

hera cheers as bumble's bee

sups on heather's nectar tea

nipples nip & red the knee

as the badger breezes chill

sulis suns as shepherds nap

sherpas twerp & adders scrap

in the ferns with dragonsnaps

flapping as a daffodil

shiva sheets as jesus sails

in the clouds & shrouds the dales

shiver sheens the tails of snails

whales in vales & green's the krill

odin crows as edges tor

speckles on a freckled moor

circles turn & vistas snore

sing a song upon a hill


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