& tea


& tea  (  a  p o e m  ,  a  l e t t e r  &  a  d r i n k  )

tenpin timbuktu

trousers trundle's trout

tax-tit troubadours

trapdoor turnabout

televisions tomb

tinsels telegraphs

tesla's tamarind

tickles telepaths

tabernacle terns

tractor tranquilise

trainer talismans

tilling tailor ties

tarmac tambourines

transcript toodleooh

teenage tinnitus

tungsten tuscans - too

toffee tables tail

ten turtles turquoise

trucking turnip's toad

turkish tartan toys

toxic trojans tram

taurus tumble train

trawlers tabulaste

terrapin terrain

tarpaulin tattoos

tempest tablespoons

tennis trumpeteers

tapping tortoise tunes

treacle telegrams

tiger toucan's tree

trappists travelouge

teasel thyme & tea


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