yet more bloody cobwebs


yet more bloody cobwebs  (  o n l y  4 9 %  s o u n d  –  o v e r  –  s e n s e  )

fiddlesticks & ships of paper

thistles thrashing on a freighter

peasant of the feather's quiver

clashing with the tigers sabre

highland flings & tossing cabers

sine is waving - sonic breakers

pi is scrying - balls & mirrors

sod conducting - quarks & quavers

leprosy & wraiths of vapour

squirms of whirls & pearls of nacre

yeoman of the roman villa

twitching as the curtain draper

scrambled legs & excavators

resin of the resonator

shitting bricks & kicking scissors

sinking on an escalator

telescopes & collimators

summer pokes the pollinators

prussians sing of russian winters

western vests & ventillators

lunar seas & lunar craters

shepherdesses shooting lasers

stoats & pebbles skim the river

swan we row - & scree you later



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