zebu wood, ambient tree


zebu wood, ambient tree  (  t h e  s e c o n d  –  c o u s i n  o f  b r e v i t y  )

zebu wood, ambient tree

paints squall pilaster

bread bin in broccoli

swallow the hamster

hares hoe fish-nourishment

shall snakeskin bonce cement

piss thirst aloud in tents

zoopkeeper pilgrim

shrew snow big get spin-round

sieve tinsel tories

blue bus them elves song sound

jizz stench the door keys

glow toes shall neigh his knight

blow she-witch giant's flight

bee bill crake hood fish-fight

zoopkeeper pilgrim

quince gourd, cash cow splitend

us with sky skillet

pea blow seacat the blend

bagpipe in ferret

hen pansies flea a flay

wild deer knot wok sensei

i'll laser bright & ray

zoopkeeper pilgrim



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