a glide with bee


a glide with bee  (  h e r e ‘ s  o n e  i  m a d e  e a r l i e r  )

a glide with bee, bat scrawls - the eben lied

the parsnip beacons gourd with bee a glide

hen rubber helter whale - sand kumquats scree

elf opera skelter crow, a glide with bee

whipped skewiffs glow red grouse, brine river bay

girth's noise snow hymn piss tories gas ashtray

mange manta ray spin squalls - a drowned diary

snow plough screw anus knot - a glide with bee

eye ear nose toe - chimney, backhand screw press

quill panto eight gland gears blow bittern dress

pear fizz festing? snare wave, pie pillory

sky phylum krill, cliff cow - a glide with bee

old sow thigh floss seasaw - rice soaking skies

haiku mushroom android emu disguise

stem stalking crakes ant turn train shadow's scree

pinstripe, insect - blowtorch - a glide with bee

( a glide with bee, a glide with bee )


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