ekaw pu


ekaw pu  (  a  p o e m  &  t h a t ‘ s  t h a t  )

babylon's buggered as bugles have blown

up in a bubble & toodle's the ooze

sodom is rogered - the rooster has flow

cockerels in 'copters & buttons on snooze

london is sunken as avalon's toast

tossed in a salad & tingle's the tongue

onions are pickled from pillock to post

topple's the ladder & adder's the rung

reverie's aether as easter is dead

fucked in the bonnet & sonnet's the song

weathering weavers when pencils are lead

licks in the letters & yonder - the swan

bobs on the lochan as comets are seen

singing of scissor & stars in the charts

turning in circles & hops in the bean

ripples in rivers & kicks up the arse


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