back on the sheets


back on the sheets  (  a  p o e t i c a l  e s s a y  )

badger's the clatter as scatter's the sen

pigs in the scribble & fiddle's the ink

natter's the nutter as flutter's the wren

fish in the swishes & dishes in sinks

ripple's the river as rumble's the sky

gash in the attic & plastic's the dawn

buggers in bumbles as puddle's the spry

beige in the cages as pages are torn

scrawls of a morning & aether's the noon

flaps as a bastard as tapestries weave

chatter's the wanker & natter's the loon

storms in a tosser as yonder the eve

buzzes in bonnets as sunken's the sun

fuck in the on it as sonnets are scum


( a u t h o r  n o d e s  )

i hate sonnets

i despise their as-snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug smugness

which can only be twatty

so i'm glad this went to pot

like what all the others do


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