sunday expects


sunday expects  (  a  p o e m  f o r  t o d a y  )

mangel man marbles

caravan ankles

vats in the vestry

dangles & scrambles

daffodil sparkles

cardinal sinnel

ants in the abbey

adders & shingles

lathering larval

trickster toad crocus

frigs in the fig tree

fritter & focus

gardens of garbles

crows in the cockerels

nose in the posy

rosy & doggerel

bumbles of gargles

bubbling mumbles

shit on the t.v

spittle & stumbles

mizzily parcels

shepherds & sweaters

buzz in the bee scree

esther & lepers

marzipan marshals

salad-spun rabbits

mars in the marquee

venus in attics

calendar fardles

scribbling aehters

lashing of herpes

v.d & easter

( x )


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