spring rain poem


spring rain poem  (  g o  o n  ,  t a k e  a  w i l d  g u e s s  c h a s e  )

drip upon a buttercup

double dusk & rubber ducks

tingles in the spindle tree

mizzle eve & pucker up

drop upon a daffodil

clatter songs of cladophyll

brazaville - its brasseries

tapestries & badger bilge

drip upon a hyacinth

header, line & hyroglyph

otter wins the lottery

hoverfly & cycle clips

drop upon a bell o' blue

retinas & red canoes

levity in leprosy

reverie & retinues

drip upon a celandine

mother 'erb & lemon thyme

supper in the scullery

stuttery - & bread 'n' wine

drop upon a garden's gnome

gargle on & gardens hose

greenery in preening leas

marbleous & gardens glow



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