readers of the aether


readers of the aether  (  a  p o e m  )

humans of the fusion

mutants of the zoo

plover of the clover

over swan & two

romans of the cloven

yeoman of the yak

flutters of the scrawler

rubber ball & sac

gannets of the planet

phantoms of the land

inklings of the sinking

battleships & sand

children of the stilton

people of the cheese

fodder of the cobblers

nobble on & knees

nutters of the clutters

warbles of the mouth

horses for the courses

snorting north & south

messrs. of the lepers

lepers of the pen

mothers of the buzzards

muffin men & hens

gubbins of the island

gibbons of the globe

glimmers of the mirror

flicker light & strobe

reader of aether

easter of the vest

weaving - can you read me

inking in the mess

( ? )



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