with socks upstream


with socks upstream  (  a  p o e t r y  f o r  s u n d a y  )

with socks upstream i songly glow

as rubble breams the swanly flow

& lemon thymes the yellow toe

in speckled threes as hedgerows crow

bee wand the weir eye knotly churn

as beavers burn the clockly turn

& sward back spears the detour gurn

in georgian slacks as seesaws urn

a dove the banks eye cootly shoe

as tudors snmock the newtly hue

& millers till the roses strew

in pits of shit as noses spew

a faced the ebb eye stamply staff

as saxons quack the sandy path

as ripples lick the horsemen graph

in moors of hen as norsemen tax

in glue the glassed eye fuddly melt

as fishers king the bubbly celt

& romans road the blindly pelt

in leather belts as windy melts

of dominoes eye greenly mould

as serpents spin the genie's wold

& adders smash the atoms cold

for second suns - & saturn's gold



( a u t h o r  n o d e s  )

based on a dream

walking upstream

by the banks of me local


& time travelling

at the same time

it was a bit like

jung's dream house

but outdoors

so better - more ducks for a start

cheers for reading


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