mother europa


mother europa  (  a  e u r o v i s i o n  )

macedon ankles

pastors in pastel

fingers of butter

ladders & satchels

candlemas saxons

mirrors in rivers

cobbles of clutter

visions & slithers

breton breast seaman

speckles in freckles

feathers of fluster

demons & kettles

octopus oghams

cockles in cider

dribbles of nutter

riddles & spiders

symphony steeple's

chatter in pastures

staggers of stutter

bankers & wankers

yodelling yeoman

rifles in spirals

blisters of brothers

sisters & cycles

violin vikings

spindles in spinsters

islands of blubber

whimper & squinters

rotunda romans

grocers in loafers

suckle the udder

mother europa



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