pebbles of britain


pebbles of britain (  a  p o e t r y  )

helvelyn sweaters

mustard cress brothers

grampian gargles

blisters & mothers

skara brae lasers

sinnel-spun uncles

pissing the parcels

jibbers & jungles

isle o' white pipers

peppermint minsters

mistily fardles

spiders & splinters

avebury weavers

bramble jam badgers

lemon curd larval

brethren & bladders

kinder scout trousers

lizard ley dowsers

kielder gay barbles

blizzards & flowers

anglesey ankles

apple tree teasels

tintagel marshals

measles & weasles

john o'groats grocers

yonder ghost herders

ombudsman marbles

cousins & girders

pen y fan pencils

pheasanting bitterns

rivers sing sparkles

pebbles of britain



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