a good soak


a good soak  (  m u e s l i  f o r  t h e  m a s s e s  )

camera, tanker, actium

seven seals & eel

slither river taxi-run

miller wheels & meal

bubble puddle windermere

cuttlefish & sark

lather father inner-ear

scuttle ark & shark

gargle sparkle sing-along

babble bath & tub

marble twinkle - squinter song

badger back & scrub

porppoise, portal, open sore

finger, thumb & prune

porous, potion, ocean floor

sunken sun & moon

fastnet, fisher, hebrides

scupper sole & tyne

rat wet, ripples, entropy

supper wine & brine

rudders, eiders, blubber balls

chunder, tug & chug

sputter island spider scrawls

pull the plug

& glug



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