pageant tree


pageant tree  (  a  p o e m  )

blue cuckoos & blew kazoos

a kangaroo or two

pygmy shrews in gypsy trews

& gnus from timbuktu

silverware & silver hair

a weasel legionnaire

thunder hares in underware

& tupperware tongue bears

rubber zen & mother hens

a squint of feathered phlegm

fountain pens in mountain men

& ink in winter wrens

barking dogs & marching clogs

a catalogue of frogs

spartan hogs in tartan togs

& song's the signet gobs

orangeade & collonades

a swirl of murmur's maid

faraway in marmalade

& gargles snake the glade

twiddle nose & twinkle toes

a row of dominoes

swanning on in river flows

- or so the vision glows


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